Monday, November 2, 2009

Passionate Playing

How exactly would society function if a certain characteristic known as "passion" did not exist? Would the Egyptians find the will to build the pyramids, or would Michelangelo feel inspired to paint the Sistine Chapel? Passion subsists as a vital characteristic when involved with life. According to Paula Harvey's article on Living a Passionate Life, "designing a passionate life includes being in integrity with yourself, your passions, your values, and with other people." So essentially, we would remain stuck in the "stone-age" if people did not lead a motivated life.

Music abides as an example of how passion influences the outcome of a violinist's playing. From the performing group, Celtic Woman, Mairead Nesbitt demonstrates this concept by her talent at fiddling. She plays with passion, and great enthusiasm that leaves audiences awe struck. Another violinist who plays with deep intensity stands universally known as Andre Rieu. He blows people away with his heart-felt compositions and his ability to conduct a full orchestra whilst playing along. Also, Lili Haydn's Biography describes how her "new sense of abandonment in her vocals match[es] the fire and grace of her violin." Her eccentric attire compliments her playing style as well as her undeniably shameless ecstasy of passion.

Substantially, having a passion for life can incorporate into having a passion in playing the violin. In the end, life constitutes as being constructed of people, nature, animals, and music(etc.) Without passion, music could never exist in life. Therefore, life would consist of dull, neanderthal-like activities, where as music calls for spontaneity.            

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