Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I still remember the day i fell in love; the experience could not compare to any other. Trembling for my beloved, i glide a generous amount of rosin over my horse-haired bow. The warm summer heat envelopes my skin with a sweet caress. Closing my eyes, inhaling deeply, a symphony of smells arouse my mind: the varnished wood of my violin, morning's mist lingering in the wind, and a hint of cologne radiates close by. Feeling completely content, i slowly raise my bow 'til the very most tip hovers, awaiting my command, over the D string. On cue, a sensuous sound fills the air, winding and tumbling into every crevasse within range. A sudden impulse erupts through my veins, fueling my soul to take form into the phrases pronounced from the instrument. I play for him, and him alone; pouring out the deep and profound feelings etched within me, longing for their exposure. He beckons me, reaching out gently. Without hesitation, i lay the entrancing violin down and embrace my love. A kiss still tingling on my lips, i taste the tender adoration possessing his soul. Burning with desire, i study his features and absent mindfully compare them to that of my violin: a sturdy chin, tan complexion, long neck, and beauty beyond compare.                

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