Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Blame it on the String

I will never forget the events which took place on my first day at UCF's Symphony Orchestra. I shudder even now at recalling the humiliation brought about by a single string. The humidity lingered so badly that day: it felt like a thick haze immersed the air making breathing unbearably difficult. I just knew that my violin's sound would become out-of-whack from being exposed to such harsh weather. Hastily, I strode toward the music building, praying that I wouldn't have to waste too much time tuning my instrument. Sure enough, as I unpacked my case, applied a generous amount of rosin to my bow, the violin groaned in protest to harmony. Studying my strings, I noticed how old and uncoiled my E string appeared, yet decided the medal could withstand a few more blows. Soon forgetting about the ghastly weather and the decrepit string, i become consumed in playing full swing with the orchestra. Mastering the articulations and bowing techniques involved with Tchaikovsky's Symphony no.4 in F minor required every shred of concentration. Fully focused on following the exact notes, I became so overwhelmed that I began to dig my bow deeper, and deeper into my strings until TWANG! In udder shock, I'm smacked right in the face with my E string. Dealing with the stinging pain on my face, I now had to deal with a new sensation developing in my eyes. Uncontrollably, tears began to cascade from my betraying eyes bringing all attention on me, a big weeping boob!                    

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  1. This surely is an initiation into greater successes ! If you withstood that ordeal everything else will be a breeze. Best Wishes.