Monday, November 16, 2009

Comparison: Violinist Vs. Tightrope Walker

Playing the violin while walking on a tightrope; now that doesn't constitute as something one sees everyday. Yet for others, playing the violin or walking the tightrope becomes an everyday experience. For example, the musical group Black Violin, have in a way "walked a tightrope" by their revolutionary outbreak of new sounds. They "break all of the rules by blending the classical with the modern" to create a unique, signature sound. Also, Freddy Nock, a Swiss tightrope walker has established a new world record by "climbing Germany's highest mountain on the wires of of a cable car without a safety harness". The 3,264 foot-long cable car line on the Zugspitze mountain" served as a balance beam for Nock in order to raise "more than $19,000 for the German charity 'Menschen fuer Menschen'". Even if Nock's act of kindness may seem irrational and insane to others, walking on a tightrope comes naturally to him. Essentially, violinists and tightrope walkers strike me as being extremely similar by both subjects requiring spontaneity and originality. Nobody can control your life in such a way the Nazi's controlled the media. People should realize that they don't have to live up to the expectations of others.          

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